Director's Message

Message From Director

May God be glorified and may peace, prosperity and harmony prevail among humankind. First of all I send warmest greetings to all our well wishers and alumni across the world on behalf of the Management, the Staff, and Students of Mar Ivanios College. Mar Ivanios needs no introduction to anyone who is aware of the higher education scenario in the state of Kerala. A college blossomed in the mind of a saintly and scholarly Archbishop as early as the days he spent in Shantiniketan, and founded in 1949 on a serene hill specially located and earmarked by him, Mar Ivanios has successfully crossed 6 decades to reach the present pinnacle. Tens of thousands of young men and women of our country have imbibed truth and charity through the moulding hands of hundreds of enlightened men and women who served on the faculty, and have cherished the sweet legacy of Ivanios in their life and career. A galaxy of luminaries, in all walks of life, adorns the picture of Ivanian alumni.

Fr. Thomas Puthenparampil